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Caring and Higher Consciousness

Caring and Higher Consciousness

How often have you heard how ‘nice’ a person is?

How helpful has it been for you to discern their character?

Does hearing that a professional is ‘nice’ truly help you determine whether you would choose to go to them for help?

There is an influential cycle in present society where the standard set for human interactions is superficial. This superficiality restricts our consciousness.

However, when we witness:

  • initiative based on true caring; or
  • concern based on deep caring; or
  • awareness based on caring – then we are led into genuine relationships.

Relationships that are not based on competing egos creating momentum. Rather, there is a gracious and humble presence where Divine leads the way. The subtle presence of mind creates space for growth and loving kindness.

We are then living with integrity. We are alert to the situations we are experiencing and attentive to how we can fully participate and contribute. Our consciousness grows and evolves. With a heightened consciousness, we are more patient and less stressed. This leads to heartfelt interactions with others. We are in an intimate relationship with the God of our understanding.

We are directing our life from a state of higher consciousness.

There is much confusion when one is surrounded by pampering in one’s life. Lower consciousness breeds pampering behaviour where the simple goal is to operate with a socially acceptable outcome. The objective is to smile and be nice. Game-playing is the method; and smooth operations the goal. Loneliness is the outcome. One is not in deep relationship with God. Human connections often feel empty.

Do you want to be ‘pampered’ or genuinely cared for?

Do you want to pamper others or truly care for others?

Do you want to expand your consciousness or live within the confines of lower consciousness?

There is a connection between living an unmotivated life and being attracted to pampering relationships. Feeling a desire to care and be helpful with your heart and with your soul comes from a place of wanting to do one’s best; and be one’s best self. There is a desire to have an intimate relationship with Divine.

Which end of the spectrum fits your life aspirations?

Mahendra Trivedi exemplifies true caring and has no patience for pampering. His spiritual devotion and highly elevated consciousness provide his direct connection to Divine. His acute perception is attuned and accurate. The result is discipline, astounding intellect and productivity.

The Trivedi Effect elevates consciousness and connection to the God of your understanding. Stress is reduced; Immunity improves; Overall health improves – you are in control and responsible for your own self-imposed limitations/your belief system; the rest is in God’s loving and caring hands.


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