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Self Assessment

“This journey of self-realization is not an event. It’s not a single point in time or one moment of realization. It’s continuous moments of realizations, flashes of light, moments of truth. And when you reach that moment when all you see is light – all you see is truth – that’s the beginning.” (Master Dahryn Trivedi)

“The role of consciousness is self assessment.” – Guruji Mahendra Trivedi

Guruji encourages daily self assessment in order to rid ourselves of delusion. We often operate with our assumptions and this leads to a lack of accountability. In challenging relationships, we can perceive others as a menace to our well being. However, we do not always take complete responsibility for the role we play in our interactions with others. We blame circumstances before we review how we contributed to poor outcomes.

“Delusion and Ego are the biggest impurities in your totality.”  – Guruji Mahendra Trivedi

Excuses are easily made and we can hide behind them.

“Without self realization higher consciousness is not possible.” – Guruji Mahendra Trivedi

Permitting ourselves the opportunity to practice accurate perception opens the door to higher consciousness and our Divine connection.

“Humility is knowing and accepting who and what you are in every moment.” – Dahryn Trivedi

Self assessment allows us to live honestly with a caring, compassionate presence. We courageously admit our shortcomings and failures so that we can improve ourselves and our behaviours. Healing and growing each day within ourselves and with our relationships with others. We live a life that cultivates empathy.

“To become someone different, you must have the absolute awareness of who you think you are now.” – Dahryn Trivedi

Personal growth empowers us to heal deeply – physically, mentally and emotionally.

“Humility is utter surrender to God  – to Divine  – to Eternity.”  – Dahryn Trivedi

True humility is found under the layers of our being; often, like the iceberg, deep down under all the coping mechanisms we have placed in our way. If we can clear away the delusion and the fog, we can clear the pathway to truly heal. We can bravely face our pain and our sadness and acknowledge it. Judgment of ourselves and others dissipates. When judgment is deflated, shame ceases to hold power and control over our relationships (with ourselves and others).

“Freedom takes self effort, to make a choice, to rescue yourself from your own delusion.” – Dahryn Trivedi

Sweeping away the cobwebs of delusion permits travel on the expressway to healing and growth. We acknowledge our true self and the pain from our experiences begins to loosen its grip on us. This vulnerability helps to free us; and we feel the courage and freedom we need to make necessary changes.

“The effort, the struggle, the sacrifice…the constant battle with the self, is the most difficult, worthy, deserving and beautiful struggle you’ll ever face.”  – Dahryn Trivedi

The fresh, honest perspective that comes with dedicated self-assessment helps us to see the root cause of our personal challenges. It frees us to be more creative, innovative, enlightened and successful.

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