"Cathryn, I want to express my appreciation for your integrity, honesty, empathy and compassion. As a client, I am grateful for your forthright and thoughtful approach which helps to quickly create trust and ease anxiety. I appreciate your professional ability to give me your full attention and non-judgmental guidance. You lead by example and encourage me to have a healthy insight towards my own self-reflection. You create a unique healing space and the calm energy transforms those who experience it. Thank you for enriching my life and all those with whom you come in contact."

Elizabeth K., Teacher / Winnipeg, Manitoba

"I tore the ligaments in my ankle in January, 2018. I experienced excruciating pain and could not put much weight on it for months. In April, 2018 I met with Cathryn and told her about the ongoing discomfort and lack of mobility I was enduring. Cathryn provided me with one week of daily energy transmissions. My ankle transformed during that time and improved about 60%. It was a miracle to have the relief that the transmissions gave to my injury."

Ruth C., Counsellor / Winnipeg, Manitoba

"Cathryn is a caring and supportive practitioner. Her sessions with me effectively provided relief from the physical pain I was experiencing."

Pat H., Mediator and Consultant / Winnipeg, Manitoba

"Cathryn is a calm, thoughtful person with many years experience helping others to heal physically and emotionally. Cathryn has been a knowledgeable and dependable health adviser to me. I find Cathryn to be a kind and caring professional whom I trust implicitly."

Barbara M., Insurance Broker / Winnipeg, Manitoba

"Cathryn has been my one true constant, a healing practitioner who has really cared for me and wanted what was best for me. She never hesitated to suggest other treatments and practitioners, recommending Chinese medicine, bio resonance, etc. when she felt they could also help me on my healing journey. Cathryn is truly my anchor, my savior (on my healing path) and my true healer."

 Kim M., Winnipeg, Man