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The Seven Pillars For Optimal Health And Well Being

Health-conscious people are searching externally for ways to live a long life of quality and optimum wellness. Diet, exercise and environment are considered to play a significant role. What is not understood is internal factors which not only optimize one’s health but also are the root causes for diseases and disorders.

The seven pillars are controlled and directed by vitamin D3 which is sourced in the body by harnessing Life Force energy. Over 70% of people worldwide are deficient in vitamin D3. This validates that the general harnessing ability of Life Force energy is poor. Foods rich in vitamin D3, vitamin D3 supplementation and spending time in the sun are current solutions for vitamin D3 deficiency. However, these solutions have not proven their efficacy due to the poor bio-availability of vitamin D3 in people.



Living a life full of stress is much too common in our society today. Stress is the greatest contributing factor to the development of poor physical and mental health. A lack of vitamin D3 contributes to the body’s inability to cope with factors that cause stress.


The organs in the body perform detoxification functions to ensure that we are living optimally. The healthier the organs, the more toxins can be eliminated on a daily basis. Vitamin D3 helps our organs perform optimally.


A strong immune system protects us from innumerable factors that we face daily that can weaken our body and make it vulnerable to disease and disorders.  A lack of vitamin D3 weakens our immunity.


The body’s ability to utilize the nutrients provided allows us to support and regulate the health of our internal system. If our body cannot utilize nutrients then our efforts provide little result and our ability to protect and prevent health issues becomes more limited.


Inflammation causes so much distress in our bodies and is a very common condition in our population today. Our lifestyle (stress, pollution, lack of bio-availability) contributes to our inability to reduce inflammation sufficiently. Vitamin D3 plays a key role in reducing inflammation in the body.

Healthy Aging:

We are living longer than ever before but we want to live with good health and retain our good looks for as long as possible. A lack of vitamin D3 limits our capacity to age gracefully with good health of the body and mind.

Neuronal Communication:

Neurons are electrically charged cells that receive process and transmit information through electrical and chemical signals. Synapses are the signals between the neurons and a lack of vitamin D3 dulls these signals and therefore limits the communication between the neurons.

Strong Life Force energy can make vitamin D3 bio-available to us. It is the solution for optimal health, vitality and longevity. The Trivedi Effect increases our Life Force energy; harnessing it for health and wellness.

The Life Force energy performs intelligently and beneficially to the recipient’s unique needs, optimizing the recipient’s potential at the cellular, molecular and atomic level, thus leading to lasting changes in behaviors and characteristics.

Life Force energy provided with the Trivedi Effect has been proven to improve:

  • Sleep quality
  • Lung health
  • Heart health
  • Gut health
  • Liver health
  • Sexual health
  • Memory and cognitive function

Life Force energy also promotes skin health and hair growth, reduces stress and anxiety, reduces inflammation and pain, boosts immunity and energizes the body and the mind.

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